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Would You Like To Cut Your Credit Payments In Half?

By Happy Riches

Credit is what makes the world go around. Without Credit this world would not function and many people would not be able withstand the difficult periods during life when their cash flow dries up because of a lack of work and income. Credit smooths out the potholes in the road to riches. In fact, more than that credit can be the beginning to the road to riches, if you can handle your money correctly.

The problem is sometimes things do not work out as planned and we find ourselves in difficulties that were not intended. With the debt collector at the door, and the sheriff about to throw you out of house and home, it is not a welcome set of circumstances. Nothing worse than seeing a family evicted out of the house they have come to know as home just because of some credit company not liking the fact that their exorbitant interest rates are not being paid.

Interest rates on consumer credit are really deadly. It is bad enough having to pay any interest, let alone paying over 20% in interest on a loan. Some people find themselves paying over 30% in interest for unsecured credit.

Well there is good news for those who want to get out of trouble.

Once, after having learnt that a certain television star had gone bankrupt, I was amazed to hear two weeks later he was no longer bankrupt but had paid his creditors out at the rate of ten cents in the dollar. Now we were talking some serious money even with a settlement of ten cents in the dollar. Wouldn't you like to be able to payout your debtors at a huge discount and then get on with your life, as if nothing had really happened? Well, you can.

Ignorance is such a costly thing, it is astounding that people are prepared to wallow in it. Knowledge, when used properly, gives you a huge advantage and enables you to wield power in circumstances and places you never thought possible. If you have the knowledge you will be amazed what you can do.

Here is some of what you can do, if you know how:

You can prevent foreclosure on your home, if you know how
You can repair a poor credit rating without an attorney (just think what that would save)
You can use the small claims court to remove derogatory remarks from your credit history
You can get a 20 year excellent credit history added to your credit report
You can cut your credit payments in half
You can get unsecured finance to start up or expand a business.

Knowledge is a powerful thing and when used in the right way, not only can you save a fortune,
you can prevent yourself from having a poor credit history, so you can obtain the money for investment purposes and other money-making business ventures. Actually, there is much more that is hidden from the public that is made use of to prosper by those who are in the know. Knowledge is powerful when used in the right way.

About the Author: Happy Riches knows how to show you how. Happy can be found at or visit his eBay site at If are interested in credit issues you may like to go to

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