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Are Eye Exercises Necessary For You?

By Suzanne Hughes

We all know how much exercise matters when it comes to leading a healthy life. It is the age old mantra to live fit, and live healthy. Postponing or simply not keeping up with exercises, however, can have adverse effects over time. There is a simple example to prove this. Suppose you have been thinking for a long time about how you can shed those extra pounds. Well, mere pondering and planning will yield no result; but you might get rid of it them sooner once you hit the gym or devise a healthier eating routine. Exercise is not just important for keeping in shape, it is important also because it helps you feel better, and keep your organs in perfect shape. Similarly, eye exercises are an important aspect of keeping your eyes healthy. These are simple actions that won’t take up much of your time, and if you devote some time to your eyes everyday, your eyes will be just as healthy as the rest of your body.

Eye Exercises for Children

A common eye ailment among children is the “lazy eye.” The medical explanation is that this occurs when the two eyes cease to co-ordinate. The eye that is termed “lazy” does not work like the normal eye and therefore cannot see objects that are either too near or too far. As a remedy, doctors suggest an eye patch, which the child has to wear over his/her eye till the eye gets accustomed to normal vision mechanisms. Although the lazy eye occurs more in children, and in that case it is more curable; the effectiveness of such treatment decreases as your age increases. Along with this, you must teach your child the basic eye exercises that will help them keep their in the perfect condition.

Some Recommended Eye Exercises:

The rule of thumb is that you have to move your eyes as much as you can throughout the day. This will keep the minute eye muscles in shape and also cure poor vision, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. It is also necessary to keep your eyes moist. You can perform blinking exercises, which means that you have to blink you eyelids so that the tear glands can lubricate your eyes.

With today’s lifestyle that often demands that we stare at the computer screen for a long time, this stressful activity of staring can harm the muscles of your eyes. However, a regular eye exercise regime can erase the effects of stress on your eyes and keep them healthy. A good way to stick to your eye exercise regime is by following an eye chart. The chart that we are so used to seeing in eye clinics can actually be a great form of exercise. All you have to do is hang this along your eye level and concentrate on a few letters per day. The same exercise can be tried without an eye chart. For this, focus all your attention on any one object near you, absorb in all the details of that object; once you’re done with one object, you can repeat the same routine with another object near you.

These simple exercises will help you eyes see, feel and function in a much, much more organized way. Enjoy!

About the Author: Suzanne Hughes is an eyewear style consultant specializing in reading glasses online. For more information about eyeglasses, vision, or great styles such as Scojo reading glasses, visit her online boutique.

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